Education Reimagined Swings Down to Nashville

At one of the largest gatherings of learner-centered minds in the country, Education Reimagined invites you to join us at iNACOL’s Symposium for five sessions, including the conference closing keynote. Join us as we explore:

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Monday, October 22, 11:15 AM–12:15 PM

Simple Ideas that Change Everything: Reimagining Learner Outcomes

Discover new and dynamic thinking behind how we can transform learner outcomes to match the future our young learners are heading into.

The education landscape is swirling with conversations about how to measure the outcomes of our education system. But, they are still grounded in what the standardized system is capable of producing. Until we shift this conversation, our education system will continue to be unable to embrace the spectrum of what success looks like for all children. Join us to hear from leaders already deeply engaged in this new conversation about outcomes—it might just change your world.

Monday, October 22, 2:15-3:15 PM

A Regional Approach: Creating the Conditions for Learner-Centered Transformation

Discover the emerging opportunities for local ecosystem transformation.

In regions across the country, practitioners, policymakers, students, employers and community members are uniting to create a new future for education. Taking advantage of supportive policy conditions, intrigued investors and practitioner networks, they are creating and fostering pockets of innovation. Join our panel of leaders to understand their opportunities and obstacles in their quests to put their regions at the forefront of education transformation.

Monday, October 22, 4:00-5:00 PM

Technology Reimagined: Enabling Strong Relationships and New Possibilities

Technology is a tool not a wholesale learning solution. Learn how we can leverage it for truly learner-centered learning.

To most of us, technology means "computers, tablets and smart phones." The same is true in the education conversation — think one-to-one computing or blended learning. This limited way of thinking has all too often put technology advocates at odds with those supporting social and emotional learning or a whole child approach. Does this have to be the case? What happens when education technologies are seen as the game-changers enabling these personalized, human approaches to learning?

Monday, October 22, 7:30-9:30 PM

After Hours: The Adventure Continues

Join Education Reimagined, KnowledgeWorks, and Next Generation Learning Challenges for appetizers and cocktails as we kick celebrate the first full day at iNACOL.

Immediately following the first full day at iNACOL Symposium, you are invited to take a load off, enjoy your favorite beverage, and talk with learner-centered educators from across the country. After capping off your first day of dynamic sessions and panels at iNACOL with some fun and new friends, head into the last full day ready to dive even deeper into learner-centered transformation.

Tuesday, October 23, 10:00-11:00 AM

Learnings of a Movement: Coming Together to Transform Education

Transforming one learning environment doesn't make a movement. Let's explore what it will take to transform the entire system.

The opportunities and challenges of reinventing education are complex and daunting—yet truly inspiring. This panel features visionary leaders who know what it takes to innovate at a systems level, ignite conversations about educational transformation, and reimagine the purpose of “school.” Join them for an interactive conversation about promising practices, common obstacles, lessons learned, and ideas for ongoing collaboration and movement-building.

Tuesday, October 23, 12:15-2:00 PM

We Are the Evidence: Young People on Education Transformation

As evidenced by last year's iNACOL Symposium, there is no session more powerful the the young learner keynote. You won't want to miss it.

Join moderator Jemar Lee — founder of EdRevision, current fellow with Education Reimagined, and recent graduate from Iowa BIG, for a conversation with four insightful learners from across the country experiencing learner-centered education in action. They will share their first-hand experiences of how transforming education has transformed their lives—who they are, the contributions they are making to their communities and where they see their future leading. In a provocative, unfiltered and honest conversation, they will inspire you to consider what you can do to start and embolden your communities’ shift toward learner-centered education.

Be ready to walk away with one key question: “As we work together to drive the transformation of learning in this country, what can I do to ensure young learners are at the forefront?”


My eyes have opened up to a whole new world, and I now see the stories I was once ashamed to share are pivotal in helping the learner-centered movement grow nationwide.

Jemar Lee
Learner, Keynote Panelist

Tuesday, October 23, 4:00-5:00 PM

Town Hall Conversation with our Keynote Learners

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to speak with the keynote panelists and explore the nuances of their learner-centered experiences.

Join the five insightful young learners featured at today’s luncheon keynote to dig deeper into their experience with learner-centered education and how it has transformed their lives. This town hall-style session offers you the chance to ask more questions and hear more pearls of wisdom from these powerful young learners — not to mention the opportunity to learn from your fellow conference attendees. Leave inspired and re-energized to return to your own community of powerful young leaders.

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