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What makes a pioneer a pioneer?

It’s a mindset. One that sees that the work of education is learning. That education is done by and with learners. That learning happens anywhere, anytime, and all experiences are valuable. It is one that knows there is no average learner—each is unique and will craft their own journey.

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Knowledge, Skills, & Dispositions

The primary domains through which learning experiences must facilitate the development of learners.


Each learner works toward competency and strives for mastery in defined domains of KSD

Personalized, Relevant, & Contextualized

Uses the learner’s passions, strengths, needs, family, culture, and community as fuel for the development of KSD.

Learner Agency

Learners are active participants in their learning and engaged in the design of their experiences.

Socially Embedded

Learning is rooted in meaningful relationships and is grounded in community and social interaction.


Learning happens anywhere and anytime and intentionally leverages its expansive nature in the learner’s development of competencies.

Age 3-4
Age 5-10
Age 11-13
Age 14-18+

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