Accelerating the movement.

We seek to discover and connect champions for learner-centered education so that a national community of leaders can drive the K-12 education system into a transformed future.
Theory of Change

What it’s going to take

We believe the learner-centered movement must simultaneously activate three primary levers for change in order to make the shift to learner-centered education inevitable and irreversible—radically transforming the lives of every single child.

For each child to be fully recognized as the unique, curious, capable, and wondrous human being they are, learner-centered transformation must be driven from the ground up by communities actively invested in redesigning education for their children—empowered by local and state leaders and policies.

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3 Levers for Change
Public Will

Engaging community members in conversation about the growing gap between our children’s needs and the current education system.

Public Policy

Fostering the conditions for pioneers to create new systems, structures, and supports for learner-centered environments to flourish.

Proof of Concept

Expanding the number of existing learner-centered environments, so communities can see, touch, and experience the results.

Education Reimagined builds communities of learner-centered leaders to further the learner-centered movement.

Education Reimagined amplifies the learner-centered movement

We believe transformation requires a national paradigm shift. Join the Year of Learning in 2019.

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