A New Future for Education is Possible

Education Reimagined is catalyzing the invention of a new public education system, one that honors and respects the uniqueness of each child. We do this by leveraging the expertise and learnings from our community of thousands of cutting-edge education leaders who are working to invent and spread structures to make relevant, engaging learning available for youth across the country.

Our Work

Spreading the Vision
Spreading the Vision

We spread the vision of a learner-centered, community-based approach to education and amplify the work of trailblazing educators, families, and communities.

Building the Field
Building the Field

We find and connect learner-centered leaders across background, sector, and geography. By providing the space to learn from one another, we embolden all to imagine further than before.

Catalyzing Joyful Invention
Catalyzing Joyful Invention

We partner with leaders and bold thinkers to share existing resources and identify what needs to be invented to advance learner-centered ecosystems of learning today.

Our work is grounded in a transformational vision and a commitment to equity and social justice.

Building Ecosystems of Learning

It is time to catalyze the joyful invention of a new public education system that embraces the diversity of our learners, leverages the assets of our families and communities, and unleashes children’s potential to contribute in a complex, fast-changing world. To do this, we must galvanize the resources, expertise, and wisdom of those ready to create and demonstrate the possibilities.

The Education Reimagined Team

Advisory Council

Diverse leaders from diverse sectors who are champions of the learner-centered vision.


Seasoned leaders advising and stewarding the organization to ensure we meet this moment and are here for the long haul.


A dedicated team holding the vision and carrying the work forward day to day.

Current Supporters

New resources and news on The Big Idea!


We recently announced a new R&D acceleration initiative to connect and support local communities ready to bring public, equitable, learner-centered ecosystems to life.