Who Education Reimagined Is

Education Reimagined is a national non-profit committed to the creation of a just and inclusive world where every child is loved, honored, and supported. Our work is in transforming education in the United States from our current standardized, one-size-fits-all education system to one designed to unleash the unique potential of each child and enable the rich learning assets of communities and the world to be the playground for learning. We call this new future of education “learner-centered.”

Our mission is to make learner-centered education available to and of high-quality for every child in the country, regardless of race, background, or circumstance. Learner-centered education recognizes that each child is unique, capable, and deserving and creates the conditions for young people to discover and develop their gifts to thrive and contribute in a complex, fast-changing world.

Over the past five years, we have built our reputation as a leader in the national learner-centered education movement and have grown a community of over 700 leaders—youth and adult—equipped with shared language, ambitions, and commitment to actual transformation, rather than reform. We have developed a unique national perspective, informed by those working in real communities with real kids, of where the movement is and what it will take to advance it to its next level of impact. It is on the basis of these deep relationships with practitioners and youth that we are now expanding our focus to systems-level work—engaging broader and broader coalitions of leaders to advance a new vision for education.

Over the next 2-3 years, Education Reimagined has plans to advance work across five major, interconnected streams:

  1. A series of virtual thought leadership symposiums, summits, and conversations to advance the thinking and actions of a vanguard of learner-centered policy makers, district and state leaders, superintendents, and philanthropic leaders.
  2. The creation of system transformation toolkits and templates that can serve as new jumping off points for districts, communities, or states seeking to bring learner-centered ecosystems to life for their own communities.
  3. A sustained, nationwide campaign—run in partnership with other aligned organizations—to capture the imagination and will of education leaders and advocates across the United States to transform, rather than reform, education.
  4. The continued expansion and cultivation of our long-standing practitioner and youth communities to enable powerful learning, collaboration, practice advancement, and advocacy amongst those demonstrating what learner-centered education makes possible every day.
  5. Partnerships with networks of districts focused on transformation as they discover what it takes to create learner-centered ecosystems and demonstrate to the nation the difference a transformed public education system can make for young people, families, and communities.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the national reckoning with systemic racism, Education Reimagined is playing a catalytic role in making this the moment we, as a nation, imagine, invent, and bring to life a learner-centered education system that by design truly supports every young person—diverse across every dimension—to learn, thrive, and contribute.

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