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Reports | Papers   17 January 2023

In November of 2022, Christensen Institute and Education Reimagined released K–12 VALUE NETWORKS: The hidden forces that help or hinder learner-centered education. This report highlights new research about the importance of value networks in creating learner-centered environments.

Understanding the pivotal role value networks play

The Christensen Institute and Education Reimagined released a report highlighting new research about the intersection of value networks and learner-centered education. The report, K–12 VALUE NETWORKS: The hidden forces that help or hinder learner-centered education, illustrates how value networks play a significant role in our ability to create learner-centered education environments across the country. 

“An organization’s value network represents the context of individuals, other organizations, institutions, and regulations it interfaces with to establish and maintain its model. Schools’ value networks often include local, state, and federal education agencies and policymakers; learners and their families; employee unions; voters and taxpayers; the postsecondary education system; community organizations; vendors; teacher preparation pipelines; and philanthropic donors. An organization’s value network is the dominant influence on its priorities.”

If the predominant value network doesn’t support or prioritize the values underlying learner-centered education, communities often struggle to create and sustain these environments. Currently, the majority of the values upheld in education lead to models that reward compliance, competition, and individualism. We need value networks that prioritize agency, collaboration, curiosity, and community to enable more learner-centered environments and ecosystems.

As we work to make learner-centered education equitably available to every child and family who want it in the country, inclusive of race, income, and zip code, understanding how these value networks are at play is critical. 

Download this paper to gain a deeper understanding of how value networks play a pivotal role in our effort to make learner-centered education accessible to all communities.

For more information or to discuss the paper further, please contact Emily at Emily@educationreimagined.org.

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