The Movement Builder Network exists to harness the power of national and regional actors to accelerate the movement beyond what we currently see as possible.

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The Movement Builder Network was launched in November 2018 and now includes 153 diverse regional and national leaders in the learner-centered education movement. The initial two-day gatherings powerfully launched this group—igniting new conversations about what it will take to make learner-centered education available to each and every child in the country and how we all can contribute to that future.

Hear from Movement Builders
  • It was incredibly beneficial to be in a room where people understand the enormous lift this movement will be and who understands that it is a paradigm shift, not just making some changes in classroom practice.

    — David Cook, Kentucky Department of Education
  • Deepening my understanding of the goals of the [learner-centered] movement and the ways in which my organization can add value and concretely contribute was quite valuable.

    — Kwesi Rollins, Institute for Educational Leadership
  • I found it very helpful to connect with others contributing to learner-centered education and to connect my work to the broader movement.

    — Katherine Prince, KnoweldgeWorks

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