The Learning Lab exists to activate practitioners at work to demonstrate that learner-centered education can address today’s most pressing education challenges.

Creating the Future Together

The Lab Community acts as a safe harbor for learner-centered practitioners and supporters to sustain the energy and focus they need to continue their courageous work to invent the future of education. The community exists to learn, share, and create together in service of building and advancing learner-centered models, systems, and structures across the country. Their commitment is to make this educational transformation sustainable and spreadable.

What Learning Lab Participants Have to Say
  • So many times we try to make the child fit the school, but the school should fit the child. That’s what this community is about.

    — Marques Stewart, Principal of Harper-Archer Middle School in Atlanta, GA
  • There’s a presence that comes into this room when people get to talk about the impacts of learner-centered education and listen to learners who can speak to their learning experiences. I can just feel the energy shift.

    — Kim Carter, Founder and Board Chair of Making Community Connections (MC2) Charter School in Keene, NH
  • This community is a collection of people who are driven by possibility and passion to create a future for our learners that’s better than the legacy system we inherited.

    — Jim Rickabaugh, Former Director of The Institute for Personalized Learning in Milwaukee, WI
  • Your participation will catapult you to the forefront of an education movement.

    — Judy Caraang, Educator at Design39Campus in San Diego, CA

Voices from the Field

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