Black Lives Matter: Our Commitment to Dismantling Systemic Racism

02 June 2020
By Shajan Abusalih and Nayan Bhula and Demi Edwards and Paul Haluszczak and Lindsy Ogawa and Monica Snellings and Andrew Williams and Kelly Young


Don’t follow the path. Go where there is no path and begin the trail. When you start a new trail equipped with courage, strength, and conviction, the only thing that can stop you is you!

Ruby Bridges

As an organization, Education Reimagined stands with Black Lives Matter and those who are calling for their basic fundamental right to life and safety, free from violence and the fear of violence. It is a stance that reaches far beyond education and acknowledges that we must stand together to fight systemic racism, which marginalizes communities of color and devalues their humanity. 

It is in this context of our society’s unequal valuing of lives and human potential that we are engaging in the work of transforming education. Although a learner-centered education can provide access to once unknown opportunities, it doesn’t mean the systems in which those opportunities exist won’t perpetuate the very injustice we’ve been hoping to eradicate within education. We fully understand that a shift to learner-centered education is not the cure for racial injustice. It is, however, a critical piece of a larger and layered movement. 

In service of our dual commitment to social justice and youth empowerment through a transformed education system, we are committed to:

  • Being vigilant in ensuring that issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion are addressed in all aspects of our work; 
  • Creating spaces where people of color are safe and heard, and experience their concerns as the concerns of the whole community;
  • Including, lifting up, and centering marginalized youth’s unique voices, gifts, concerns, aspirations, and challenges in any conversation about model quality and systems design;
  • Being honest about and committed to doing what is necessary to make learner-centered education available to and of high-quality for those who have been historically and are currently marginalized by the education system;
  • Ensuring our team and partners represent a diversity of lived-experiences; and 
  • Continuously growing as individuals and as a team in identifying and confronting biases, blind spots, and assumptions that can prevent the above from being done with integrity.

We are firmly committed to creating a socially just world by doing our part to transform the education system to one that honors each child and unleashes their power and potential to lead fulfilling lives. 

And, we know a true societal shift will require the collective contributions of those committed to dismantling systemic racism. We honor those standing for justice. Education Reimagined stands with you.

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