Exploration of a National Conversation

31 January 2017

Since the publication of Todd Rose’s The End of Average, Education Reimagined and the Center for Individual Opportunity—the non-profit launched to expand upon and amplify the burgeoning science of the individual—have been partnering to discover avenues and opportunities to connect Rose’s work with Education Reimagined’s vision for learner-centered education.

In November 2016, these two entities gathered visionary leaders from both within and outside of the education sector with the Education Reimagined Advisory Board for a day of brainstorming and exploration. Attendees included learners, education advocates, business leaders, communications experts, learning environment leaders, and playwrights. They came together to explore the opportunity for a 2018 national “conference” to accelerate the learner-centered education movement.

Rich dialogue covered a span of possible desired outcomes, ideal attendees, and design conceptions for this opportunity. The daylong conversation was meant to be just the beginning of a conversation—a time for brainstorming, creating, and thinking outside of the box. It was also meant to elicit any concerns, cautions, or questions about the proposed event and its timeline.

Download the conversation’s summary and learn more about how the day unfolded!

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