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15 May 2019


The vision that guides Education Reimagined’s work serves as a North Star for educators that have been leading this charge for as long as two decades and as short as two months. This is much more fitting for our current job market and networking age of lateral connections.

Geoff Pilkington, The Rise of the Neo-Generalist

Featured Articles

Transforming Our Schools So They Engage Students and Empower Them With a Sense of Purpose by Ulcca Joshi Hansen (The 74 Million)

Whole Child and Equity Are Just Band-Aids Without a Learner-Centered Approach by Ulcca Joshi Hansen (EdSurge)

School Choice and High Standards Aren’t Enough, Here’s How We Focus on What Each Student Needs by Ulcca Joshi Hansen (Education Post)

Why It Is Time to Re-Imagine Our Education System by Ulcca Joshi Hansen and Kelly Young (Real Clear Education)

To Reimagine the Future of Education, Innovation Isn’t Enough by Kelly Young and Josh Schachter (The 74 Million)

The Art of Getting Opponents to ‘We’ by David Bornstein (New York Times)

The Rise of the Neo-Generalist by Geoff Pilkington (Startup Grind)

Creating Space for Change by Asking, “Why?” by Stefan Lanfer (Barr Foundation)


Making Powerful Educational Choices for our Children by Ulcca Joshi Hansen (TODAY Parenting)


Q&A: Kelly Young on Tech’s Role in Learner-Centered Education by Eli Zimmerman (EdTech Magazine)

A Declaration for a Learner-Centered Future by Katie Martin (AltSchool)

Attending Education Reimagined Symposium: Furthering Learner-Centered Education by Suzanne Freeman

What I learned at the Education Reimagined Symposium 2019: #whyLCE by Jennifer Phillips (Alt Ed Austin)


[PODCAST] The Future of Education — Reimagining Learning with Kelly Young by Jeanne Allen (Reality Check)

[PODCAST] Interview with Kelly Young by Jason Vest (AfterEd)

Three Close-Knit Education Conferences Making Big Impacts by Jabez LeBret (Forbes)

[PODCAST] Panel Reflection with Dr. Ulcca Joshi Hansen and Dr. Trace Pickering by Randy Ziegenfuss and Lynn Fuini-Hetten (Shift Your Paradigm)

[RADIO] Why Learning Is So Much Bigger Than School by Jennifer Brookland and Frank Stasio (WUNC NPR Affiliate)


How can educators best promote student agency? by Ross Cooper (Education Dive)

Five Approaches to Breakthrough Schools by Tyler Thigpen (Education Week)

Instead of Casting Blame, Let’s Start Reinventing Our Education System by Maddie Fennell (Education Week)

Why More and More High Schools Are Acting Like Startups by Daniel Malloy (OZY)

Smart List | 75+ Great Blogs and Email Blasts (Getting Smart)

[PODCAST] What is learner-centered? Interview with Kelly Young, Executive Director, Education Reimagined by Randy Ziegenfuss and Lynn Fuini-Hetten (Shift Your Paradigm)


How school superintendents explored the future of learning together by Nick Polyak and Michael Lubelfeld (Google Blog)

Personalizing Education Advocacy to Personalize Learning by Marc Porter Magee (Education Week)

From Industrial Models and ‘Factory Schools’ to … What, Exactly? by Andy Calkins and Kelly Young (EdSurge)


From “Shock and Awe” to Systemic Enabling: All Eyes on New Hampshire by Andy Calkins (Education Week)

50+ Learning Leaders at #iNACOL15 (Getting Smart)

Education Reimagined Offers a Transformational Vision for U.S. Education by Susan Patrick (iNACOL)

Unlikely Bedfellows Converge, Create Inspired Vision For Future Of Education by Michael Horn (Forbes)

Are We Finally Ending the Battle of the Edu-Tribes? by Sam Chaltain (Medium)

An Unlikely Group Forms Unified Vision for the Future of Education by Katrina Schwartz (MindShift)

Learner-Centered Vision Will Frame Next Generation Learning by Tom Vander Ark (Education Week)

‘Don’t Reform Education: Transform It!’ An Interview with Gisele Huff (EdSurge)

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