The Learning Lab Trainings and Community

10 January 2019


The Learning Lab is a powerful two-and-half days of work. You will connect with many passionate individuals from innovative organizations committed to learner-centered education. Your participation will catapult you to the forefront of an education movement.

Judy Caraang
Educator at Desing39Campus and Learning Lab Community Member

The Learning Lab Community and Trainings are comprised of education practitioners (e.g. educators, administrators, out-of-school-time program leaders), young people (16+), and state and national actors creating and supporting learner-centered environments across the U.S. This community is committed to making learner-centered education inevitable, irreversible, and available to every learner in the U.S.

As a learning community, we are at work locally, regionally, and nationally. Together, we are evolving our ability to:

  • Produce compelling evidence that our models are effective in achieving desired outcomes for any learner, regardless of background or circumstance;
  • Advance effective learner-centered practice and build the systems necessary to support it;
  • Push the frontier of what is possible in learner-centered education; and
  • Contribute our leadership to shaping the future of education as ambassadors, thought leaders, and advocates.

This community’s strength, durability, and existence are contingent on its members being both learner-centered and diverse on multiple levels (e.g. expertise, sector, learners served, race, socioeconomic status, age).

To know if the Learning Lab Community is a fit for you, we invite you to take the following steps to get a sense of what we mean by “learner-centered” and what it would mean to attend a training and join this community.

  1. Read the Vision Document;
  2. Read the Lexicon;
  3. Read the Learning Lab Informational Document in its entirety; and, if our Vision, Lexicon, and Informational Document resonate with you…
  4. Schedule an Introduction Call with Lindsy (

We invite you to schedule an introductory call so we can get to know you and your work, share a bit about ours, and answer questions you may have before you complete an individual application.

For those who sent teams to our previous trainings, note that our application process has changed. We encourage teams to participate, and applications will be handled on an individual basis.

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