Learning Out Loud: Rewriting the Rules to Match the Game You Want to Play

Learning Out Loud | Voices from the Field   22 September 2021


We have parents who tell us, “you just saved my kid.”

Dr. Steve Kossakoski
CEO, Virtual Learning Academy Charter School

On September 15th, 2021, Kelly Young, Education Reimagined’s President, hosted the seventh Learning Out Loud with Education Reimagined conversation, featuring guest, Dr. Steve Kossakoski, CEO of the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS). View the recording of the conversation below along with the conversation summary.

Conversation Summary (with timestamps)

[02:38] Kelly shares why we are talking about the intersection of freedom and funding as it relates to the invention of community-based ecosystems of learning.
[07:55] Steve shares why he wanted the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS) to be a statewide learning platform from day one.
[10:35] Steve shares what enabling factors existed for VLACS to get off the ground.
[13:45] Kelly points to the fact that every state (except Wyoming) has some legislation that allows for competency-based education within the state. And, she shares how VLACS credentials learning.
[16:25] Steve shares more about how VLACS credentials learning and the various ways young people are able to show what they’ve learned.
[19:50] Steve shares the story about how VLACS almost folded in its first six months.
[22:40] VLACS only receives funding when young learners complete their courses. Steve shares how they have managed through this rule given how competency-based learning doesn’t jive with attendance tracking. the story about how VLACS almost folded in its first six months.
[26:40] Steve shares how VLACS trains their educators to perform competency-based assessments.
[30:40] Steve shares what influence VLACS has had on statewide education changes all districts in New Hampshire have access to today.
[38:07] Steve shares stories of learners who have greatly benefited from their experience with VLACS.
[43:50] Audience Q&A

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