5 to Thrive

It almost goes without saying that a learning environment’s culture, when established well, can open up possibilities for learners that were once unimaginable.

Time and time again, we see educators answer difficult questions about learner-centered transformation with the simple response, “We can do it because our culture is right.” The barrier in creating such a culture is the amount of time it appears this restructuring will take. The idea of a cultural shift ends up on the backburner over and over again. The team at Mayerson Academy wants to break this cycle and show how cultural transformation can be broken down into bite-size chunks. Through their 5 to Thrive toolkit, educators are asked to “dedicate 5 minutes each day for the next month to simple activities that will reframe [their] thinking and improve the culture in [their environments].” Through these challenges, you’ll address self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationships. Collectively, these “micro-learning” sessions will elevate your thinking and give you the confidence to act on implementation strategies to shift the culture of your learning community. Check out the toolkit today!

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