Foundations for Flourishing Futures: A Look Ahead for Young Children and Families

For two decades, KnowledgeWorks’ team of futurists have explored what might come to pass in the education field ten years down the road.

Now, they’ve taken those efforts and narrowed their focus down to our youngest learners and their families. Foundations for Flourishing Futures looks to help leaders navigate the gap between how we support early childhood development today and how we will need to transform our practice in response to the “profound social, economic and technological changes [that] will reshape [a child’s] life and our very understanding of what it means to be a child.”

This forecast reviews the challenges ahead through the five crucial domains. Health by the Numbers showcases how health and well-being are being and will be redefined in the coming decade. Learning in Flux looks at the need for leaders to adapt to varying social and economic uncertainty with each child and family. The Autonomy Gaps looks at the growing divide among intergenerational beliefs and norms. Stretched Social Fabric looks at the shifting landscape of family resources in their communities. And, Care at the Core looks at how future generations will best support an aging population.

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