Fresh Grade

A reimagined way of assessing learner outcomes is paramount to the transformation of the education system.

For any of the work in learner-centered environments to be proven effective, qualitative and quantitative data must be effectively communicated to all stakeholders. Fortunately, we have the technology today that learner-centered pioneers from decades ago did not have the privilege to deploy. The more learners take ownership of their learning, the more nuanced the assessment of learning becomes. Enter Fresh Grade. A tool in use by some environments we’ve profiled in the past, Fresh Grade provides a “research-backed portfolio platform” that connects educators, learners, and their parents. This allows everyone to be accountable for the role they play in the child’s learning. Learner progress can be tracked over time, and the data points are customizable to each learner. Fresh Grade’s platform is designed to work on the educator level all that way up to the district level, so the entire ecosystem can be in sync.

LAST UPDATED ON 03/02/2017
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