High Quality Project Based Learning

Project-based learning—at least the phrase—has been popping up within learner-centered (and school-centered) implementation strategies throughout the 21st century and its common usage only appears to be accelerating.

What’s not so common is having clarity about what makes for a high-quality project-based learning framework. Acknowledging this roadblock, The Buck Institute took on the challenge of gathering 27 stakeholders from around the world who have been working on PBL for decades to come up with a universal framework that not only provides a robust landscape of HQPBL but does so “in terms of the student experience.” They quickly point to the fact that: “Various models and guidelines for PBL have been created by experts and organizations in recent years, but these are typically written from the perspective of the teacher.” By, instead, putting the learner first, this HQPBL framework focuses on intellectual challenge and accomplishment, authenticity, public product, collaboration, project management, and reflection. Dive into these elements and more to discover if HQPBL is a fitting tool for your environment.

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