Ideal Learning in Colorado

Early Milestones Colorado, with support from Trust for Learning wanted definitive answers to the following three questions:

  1. What are the barriers to the growth of Ideal Learning models in Colorado, particularly for kindergarten through third grade (K-3), but also broadly across early education?
  2. What strengths and opportunities might be leveraged to increase the number of schools implementing these models throughout the state?
  3. What specific steps can be taken to reduce barriers and leverage opportunities for growth?

The research included the analysis of 13 education laws that were adopted by the state over the span of 2008-2019. To the pleasant surprise of the researchers, the policy analysis revealed there were zero barriers “relevant to education content standards, accountability systems for students and educators, and educator preparation programs” that were preventing learner-centered programs from forming and evolving throughout the state. Instead, the biggest barrier is a lack of collective understanding as to the principles Ideal Learning adheres to and how to implement those principles with fidelity. This gap in knowledge prevents many people from starting. As you read this report, consider how conducting a survey of your own state could produce a clearer picture for how a transformed education ecosystem can begin taking shape.

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