Traditionally, young learners preparing for college meet with a counselor who, while serving some 499 other learners, is their one-stop shop for all things post-secondary education.

For ten or 15 minutes, they gain brief insight on the college enrollment process and go home hoping they can simply figure it out along the way. PeerForward, formerly known as College Summit, wants to flip the script. Rather than rely on a single adult to shepherd 100s of learners to post-secondary learning opportunities that match their unique interests, why not “train, deploy, and coach a team of Peer Leaders who are charged with boosting college preparation and enrollment across their entire school”? Young learners helping young learners fulfill their aspirations. What impact might this have? Taking just one metric from PeerForward’s work—a 20% increase in college enrollment. Looking beyond the quantitative data, what impact might a culture of peer-to-peer collaboration have on the overall learning opportunities in your community? Let us know what you discover.

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