Real World Scholars

At the heart of Real World Scholars' work is a provocative question—"How different would your life be after years immersed in learning that excited you?"

With a focus on entrepreneurship, Real World Scholars invites educators to blow the top off their learning design and engage learners in real-world application that drives curiosity, self-expression, and the discovery of individual interests and passions. Real World Scholars provides an e-commerce platform called Education Corporation (EdCorp). Through the platform, learners are able to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure. From identifying a problem to raising awareness and enrolling others to launching a sustainable social enterprise, the EdCorps experience allows learners to dive deep into a topic of interest and make a real-world impact with their academic work. Not every learner is an entrepreneur, but every learner wants to see their learning have real application and meaning in the world they live in. Learn more about Real World Scholars below.

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