ReSchool Colorado

Back in 2013, the Donnell-Kay Foundation took a stand that the education system was ripe for something new—“bold change in system design.”

They launched ReSchool Colorado as a multi-year initiative with the mission “to design and launch an inspirational education system that coordinates people and resources in new, dynamic ways, ensuring an experience that is welcoming, empowering, and world-class.” Since then, ReSchool has brought a collaborative, user-centered design approach to the field to “make the space and cultivate the conditions for a new system of learning to exist in Colorado.” They offer a framework for the future for learning and a new role called the advocate network to help learners and families build the agency they need to know themselves deeply and navigate the dynamic learning ecosystem. Delve into their new website to imagine what learning might look like in a new system and explore the resources in their library to discover what inspired this system-wide reimagination.

Last updated on 07/07/2016

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