The Right Question Institute

When it comes to developing learner agency, the most significant skill to master might just be the ability to ask strong questions.

Every learner has the ability to explore their passions at a deeper level, but without the proper inquiry, a learner is unable to go as deep on a question and might develop the false notion there is nothing left to learn. This concern is at the foundation of The Right Question Institute (RQI), which believes “the skill of question asking is far too rarely deliberately taught in school.” They have made it their mission to “provide a wide range of innovative educational resources that make it possible for all people, no matter their level of education or income, to learn to think and act more effectively on their own behalf.” This includes equipping educators with the tools to guide their learners into self-directed exploration and collaboration with their peers. Discover new ways to further engage your learners in the topics and ideas that are relevant to their individual futures.

Last updated on 01/05/2017

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