School Tales Live

In the education world, the idea of amplifying learner voice is always celebrated but seldomly put into action. And, when put into action, like at national and regional conferences, learner voice is the exception rather than the rule (adults talking with other adults about what’s best for kids).

A brand new website, School Tales Live wants to buck the trend and make learner voice louder than ever. A complement to the soon-to-be-published School Tales by Sharon Myrick, School Tales Live is aiming to become a one-stop shop for all things learner voice. In a conversation with Sharon Myrick herself, she told us the website is meant to be “a forum for all to share ideas and experiences; podcast interviews of learners discussing issues at their school; youth creative visions of school change to inspire the hard work ahead; team-building reports from schools and results of their actions; and blogs sharing recent news about school change across our country and world.” If you’re an early adopter of School Tales Live, you will find yourself cultivating a community where learner voice is at the foundation of every conversation.

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