School's Out: A Visualization Exercise

The School’s Out paper sets up an entry point for learner-centered leaders and their communities to imagine education from a blank slate, while maintaining an honest commitment to developing actionable ideas.

As you read the paper, consider three intriguing questions that could frame any community committed to inventing something new:

  1. What resources exist in my community that are not being accessed by young learners? Am I one of those resources?
  2. When I was a young learner, what interests and passions did I want to explore had there been an opportunity to? What needs to happen today for those opportunities to exist?
  3. In my current role within my community, how could I positively impact change in how my community’s children are educated? What would I like to be accountable to?

These three questions allow every individual to immediately identify the role they can play to further the growth and development of the young learners in their community. This new role can lead to new questions like:

  1. How can I involve interested young people in my day-to-day work and the value I bring to my community?
  2. What support do my local learning environments need from me in order to make this transformation a reality?
  3. Why didn’t I explore those interests I had in the past? How might I, too, take advantage of what’s available in my community to explore my curiosity?

Download the paper now and explore beyond what is known today.

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