Shadow A Student Challenge

What is the best way to know how your learners experience your learning environment?

Beyond the numbers, how can you determine your vision is being lived out in your children’s everyday learning? For educators across the nation, the answer came in the form of truly walking in their learners’ shoes by participating in the Shadow A Student Challenge. Currently, over 1,500 practitioners across all 50 states have taken the challenge. Their stories are both parts unique and rather similar. Unique in that every learning environment expresses a completely different combination of challenges brought on by the irreplicable diversity in their learners’ backgrounds. Similar in that the school-centered paradigm brings about disengaged learning and painfully long lectures no matter where you look at its application. Regardless of the paradigm in which you lead, every learner deserves to not only have their story told but also actually lived out in person. What do you think you would learn if you took the challenge? In fact, why not sign up today and share your story with us!?

Last updated on 09/22/2016

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