Student Reporting Labs

For as long as humans have been communicating, stories have been a powerful learning tool. Stories bridge divides, cultivate a sense of community across generations, and present us with information critical to the well-being of society overall.

PBS News Hour’s Student Reporting Labs (SRL) was created with these values in mind. Since 2013, young learners have had the opportunity to engage in “transformative educational experiences through video journalism that inspires [them] to find their voice and engage with their communities.” The project is keen on exposing our youngest generations to the power and privilege of a free media, so they can be well-informed as the media creators and consumers today and in the future. The type of media produced through SRL is relevant to the pulse of the country and the issues young learners are facing in their local communities. As you explore the resources below, consider how your young learners could get involved in SRL and the impact it could have on their future.

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