The K-12 improvement imperative: Pathways to adopting continuous improvement

Learner-centered transformation, like any inventive effort, requires a constant drive to improve. There are always new goals and outcomes we want to achieve for the betterment of the young people, families, and communities we serve.

This natural desire for progress is well explained through the Jobs to Be Done Theory and forms the foundation for The Christensen Institute’s recent research on “The K-12 Improvement Imperative.” This report combines Jobs to Be Done with the “continuous improvement” philosophy that took the auto industry by storm in the 1950’s. It showcases how these two modes of thinking have helped leaders make measurable change for young people. While reading through the examples, consider the importance of leaders not looking for the perfect, end-all-be-all solutions. Rather, notice how they take an idea, implement it, and then iterate over and over again, finding greater and greater success with each improvement.

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