The Planet Classroom Network

During the COVID-19 pandemic, young people have had less access to in-person cultural experiences that enrich their learning. This reality inspired youth to take action and create a virtual space that invites young creatives and doers from around the globe to build community and share their talents.

The Planet Classroom Network, a by-youth-for-youth initiative, “brings together musicians, dancers, video game creators, filmmakers, learning innovators and emerging technologists from all over the world to entertain, educate, and engage youth and to provide a rich cultural experience at a time when art and learning institutions everywhere are not accessible.” At a time when our physical world feels constricted, this is a powerful example of how young people can harness their unique talents to reimagine learning in a virtual environment—inventing ways to meaningfully engage with peers and participate in relevant, interest-based learning. If they can do all this virtually, imagine what would become possible if they were empowered to envision, design, and bring to life learning solutions within their local communities.

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