This World Needs You

As educators, parents, and general advocates for children, we would be remiss to ignore the rise in stress, anxiety, and depression in the our nation’s youth.

Too often, we never even know about the trials and tribulations youth are going through because we have not provided the space for them to share those internal conversations with us. And, even if those spaces for sharing existed, we would struggle to offer actionable steps moving forward. This World Needs You, a rallying cry turned online resource, has accomplished both of these difficult tasks in one place. Learners can explore the video library and grapple with their emotions in new, powerful ways. With a greater understanding of their internal conversations, learners are further encouraged to reflect on guiding questions that allow them to become complete on past trepidations negatively affecting their present and future decision-making. If you know a learner in need of a trusting, safe outlet to explore their thoughts, This World Needs You might be a perfect fit.

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