Tools to Raise an Anti-Racist Generation

Racism in America has persisted (partly) because of the beliefs, emotions, and perceptions passed down through generations. To end this harmful cycle, we need to imagine a better world for future generations where empathy and respect for others’ humanity shape our experiences and interactions.

Imagine what’s possible when we teach young people, from an early age, to be more accepting of difference and present to injustice. Doing Good Together offers a way to introduce these teachings to children through its Tools to Raise an Anti-Racist Generation collection. This evolving anthology of resources, expert tips, books, videos, and advocacy tools is equipping parents and adults to seed the values of compassion and kindness in their children, while facing their own biases, the “limits of their own compassion,” and the threat “racism, brutality, and indifference” pose to a more equitable, harmonious society. Inviting these conversations and reflections empowers young people to be lifelong advocates for and practitioners of anti-racism.

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