Youth Action Researchers at the Intersection (YARI)

In 2020, the Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative at KnowledgeWorks launched the Youth Action Researchers at the Intersection (YARI) Project.

The project invites young people in Providence, RI who “identify as a student of color, LGBTQ, English language learner, or come from a low-income household; and have a learning difference” to use their voice and skillset to tackle projects that will make more evident the need for a system that meets all young people where they are. Local organizations and learner-centered environments are supporting this work, including: The Center for Youth & Community Leadership in Education (CYCLE), The Met High School, The Youth Development Program at Rhode Island College (YDEV@RIC), and CAST. What emerges from this project will showcase how much value can organically come to the surface when young people are at the table.

Distance Learning During COVID-19


Explore resources for young people, parents, and educators to find grounding during this unprecedented moment and engage in rich distance learning experiences.