SparkHouse Gatherings and Community

10 January 2019


Attending SparkHouse allowed me to be surrounded by learners and educators united in a common goal: to revolutionize education.

Young Learner, Campbellsville, KY

SparkHouse brings together young learners from learner-centered environments all across the country to push their thinking and discover what is possible when they bring their voices to the education transformation conversation.

Intended to grow the already vibrant SparkHouse community, our annual trainings are an opportunity for young people to:

  1. Get clear about what “learner-centered” means and why it matters;
  2. Deepen their relationships with each other, bringing the potential power of the SparkHouse Community to life;
  3. Discover opportunities to contribute to the national learner-centered movement and to their local learner-centered environments;
  4. Gain confidence in the power of youth voices to make a difference; and
  5. Emerge as a community of leaders in the movement, ready to champion learner-centered education in the United States.

Space for our SparkHouse gatherings is limited. We will update this site as we schedule our next opportunity.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about opportunities to join SparkHouse or engage with these youth leaders, please contact Lindsy Ogawa (

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