SXSWEDU PanelPicker: A Tale of Two Learners

Practice   09 August 2018

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Our session, A Tale of Two Learners is the story of two learners—a young man from Alabama who was good at the “game of school;” yet felt empty and disengaged. And, a young Iowan for whom school was a constant maddening struggle.

At two ends of the “success” spectrum, neither was happy. Yet, through their unique journeys, they each discovered a new path that changed everything: learner-centered education. Join these young leaders to hear how they found their voices—and united to change the future of education for all learners.

What You’ll Take Away From This Session

1. Discover what we mean by “learner-centered education” and what it makes possible for young people.

2. Grapple with how real “agency” opens up new worlds of opportunity and access for young people and adults in the education system alike.

3. Understand how relationships with educators are integral to creating the conditions for learners’ agency to be authentic and empowering.

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