Hear from Young Learners Who Are Transforming Education

03 December 2015

At Education Reimagined, we pride ourselves on providing the microphone to young learners. As you read the stories below, consider the myriad journeys learners in your community could experience within this paradigm of education.

Unlocking the Door to My Future

by Jemar Lee

Lucky Me: The Unexpected Opportunity that Put My Town on the Map

by Colby Mills

Why I Expect to Be Great

by Keyonna Griffin

A Paint Brush, a Red Bull, and a New Vision for My Future

by Megan Matson

The Unexpected Challenge and Reward of Owning My Learning

Vanella Tadjuidje


When teachers talk about learner-centered education people ask, ‘Where’s the evidence of this working?’ but when students talk about learner-centered education, we are the evidence.

Anya Smith-Roman
Young Learner

Why We Need to Let Kids Fail

by Tessa Simonds

Empower Learner Voice and Watch What Happens Next

by Michael Hurlbutt

Learning Built with My Interests in Mind

by Patricia Coleman

The Next Generation is Remaking Education

by Georgia Fowkes

School’s Out: A Conversation with Young Learners and Parents

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