Learners at the center.

A new future of learning.

Through our vision, we see our school-centered education system transformed into a truly learner-centered one. It is a future with thriving learners surrounded by engaged and empowered parents, educators, and communities. We offer our vision as a beacon for all those dedicated to transforming education in America.

Learners at the Center

Meet a pioneer.

We see pioneers everywhere–across the country in rural, urban, and suburban communities innovating new ways of learning. Unified by curiosity, creativity, boldness, collaboration, and action, pioneers see the limitless potential in every child. Explore a few of their stories.


An idea whose time has come.

In April 2013, we–education practitioners, scholars, business and union leaders, parents, and advocates–gathered together because we believed it was time for a new conversation about education.

We were not your typical group–no two in agreement about how to fix the current system. What we did share, however, was a fundamental commitment for all children to love learning and thrive regardless of their circumstances. We knew it was time to stop debating how to fix the system and start imagining a new system.

We were brought together in Washington, DC by Convergence, a non-profit that convenes sustained dialogues among leaders, doers, and thinkers with conflicting views to create breakthrough solutions on issues of national concern. Together, we challenged ourselves to imagine what could be, rather than what is. We grappled with hard questions about the outcomes we want for all learners, the learning environments that could foster those outcomes, and the systems and structures necessary to create those environments.

We emerged united behind a transformational vision for the future of learning. A vision with the learner at the center. We are eager to join with you to discover and create this future together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Education Reimagined?

Education Reimagined is an initiative dedicated to the realization of learner-centered education in America. We see an emerging movement of pioneers across the country working to transform education and are seeking to accelerate the growth of this movement. This initiative arose out of a Convergence-led dialogue process that convened 28 ideologically diverse education stakeholders—who now form the Advisory Board—to reimagine education.

Who is Convergence?

Convergence is a national non-profit that convenes people and groups with conflicting views to build trust, identify solutions, and form alliances for action on critical national issues. It hosts projects on a broad range of issues, such as education, long-term care financing, poverty and economic mobility, and nutrition and wellness.

What’s so different about this vision?

It is not a mandate or a blueprint. This vision offers a beacon toward which to aspire–a challenge and invitation to transform rather than reform. It sets out a future that inspires people and communities to come together for its realization. This power comes from the diversity of those who created it. They are a group of educational practitioners, scholars, business and union leaders, parents, and advocates.

Why do we need to transform and not reform our education system?

For years, we’ve been investing time, resources, and money in fixing our education system. But the Industrial-era system was not designed to produce the results we now want for our children. This mismatch of the system and 21st century realities often leaves teachers exhausted, parents frustrated, and children uninspired and unprepared, despite everyone’s best efforts. It’s time to free ourselves from the current constraints of standardization and transform the system.

What could success look like in the next 5 years?

We drafted what we think success might look like for the learner-centered movement by 2020 and are in ongoing conversation to refine a collective image of success. Hundreds of learning environments deploying all five elements and 15 transformed communities. Millions engaged in a supportive public conversation Thousands of educators prepared and supported. Thousands in practice networks. Enabling policies that remove obstacles. Evidence the new paradigm works for all.

How is the change going to happen?

This is an idea whose time has come. All across the country, pioneers are arriving at similar visions of great learning and working towards learner-centered education. We believe that fostering an environment for those pioneers to thrive will lead us to many new models that bring the vision to life. With these pioneers leading the way, many others will follow.

Are there any schools or districts where we can see this vision in reality?

Not yet. The realization of this vision requires a transformation of the entire system—shifts in mindsets, practices, policies and structures. While we believe it will be a few years before there will be any communities that have made this full transition, thousands of learning environments are on their way.

Is this vision really a vision for all kids?

Yes! The vision was created with learners from all walks of life in mind—it sees a system designed to adapt to each child’s particular capacities, needs, interests, and passions and to support them to reach their full potential. And we are excited to watch it beginning to come to life all across the country for learners of all races, cultures, and backgrounds.

How are the kids in these kinds of learning environments doing?

There is no way to generalize yet. What we do see and hear anecdotally and find in the evidence of individual learning environments is amazing. Learners love learning. They take ownership of their learning, and their pace of learning accelerates. We see graduation and college acceptance rates rise and growing numbers of parents and community members embracing these new learning environments.

I am excited. How do I get involved?

Read and share the vision. Start a conversation within your community. Read the stories of a few pioneers already on this journey. Sign up to learn more, hear about upcoming opportunities to connect with other pioneers, share your own story, or let us know about other pioneers. And, stay tuned as Education Reimagined creates spaces and places for pioneers to explore and build the future together!

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