The Exciting Components of Learner-Centered Implementation

From the Vision   22 December 2015

From the Vision

In order to fully realize a reimagined learning environment, the future education system will need several core components.

Local communities and other constituencies will need to experiment with those components to discover how they can be implemented together to best support each and every learner. Thus, the expression of the five elements (competency-based; personalized, relevant, and contextualized; learner agency; socially embedded; open-walled) of great learning will vary across the nation according to the needs and resources of the learners and their communities.

The chart below juxtaposes some of the model components of the current paradigm with those of the learner-centered one.

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We recently announced a new R&D acceleration initiative to connect and support local communities ready to bring public, equitable, learner-centered ecosystems to life.