Reimagining Spaces and Networks for Open-Walled Learning

From the Vision   11 February 2016

From the Vision

REIMAGINED SPACES FOR LEARNING, whether they are in education centers, libraries, museums, community centers, or other locations, provide learners and the supporting adults with a physical space to gather, play, socialize, and learn. They give learners the opportunity to engage with each other, their educators, their families, and community members seeking to support their growth. Reimagining the way these spaces are organized and where they are located provides opportunities to integrate learning experiences for children into the community. They bring health and social services and community-based activities more directly into the daily fabric of learning, when needed. Learning spaces also offer appropriate custodial care to learners, particularly younger ones.

A COORDINATED NETWORK OF INSTITUTIONS, ORGANIZATIONS, AGENCIES, ASSOCIATIONS AND FEDERATIONS, AND BUSINESSES offers open-walled, relevant, and contextualized learning resources and opportunities to learners and creates avenues for learners to be involved in and engage with the community. Additionally, this network promotes collaboration and communication amongst entities working to support learners’ health, nutrition, safety, and wellbeing.


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We recently announced a new R&D acceleration initiative to connect and support local communities ready to bring public, equitable, learner-centered ecosystems to life.