The Need for Technology and Data in Learner-Centered Education

From the Vision   28 January 2016

From the Vision

TECHNOLOGY enables reimagined learning to happen for all learners, as it increases accessibility and reduces costs. Technology integrates diverse sources of learning experiences, embeds assessment seamlessly into learning, helps provide adaptable and personalized learning  pathways, and enables coordination among networks of learners and adults. Technology supports learning in diverse settings and times, helping to make it adaptable to the learner. With the assistance of technology, adults in the system have expanded opportunities to develop meaningful relationships with learners and to guide, facilitate, and encourage their learning.

DATA is employed to further children on their learning journeys, to support their understanding of their own learning, and to provide information on their progress to adults in the system. The amount and type of data shared is tailored to protect the child’s privacy and wellbeing. The data systems and data privacy protections used in other sectors, such as healthcare, serve as particularly useful models in the arena of education data.

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