The Age of Agility: Education Pathways for the Future of Work

America Succeeds has released a brand new publication that articulates the shifts they believe are necessary to prepare communities across the nation for a new age in education and business.

“Education and business” is the operative phrase here. If one shifts without the other, the education-to-workforce pipeline will break. Citing powerful workforce predictions from worldwide economic institutions, America Succeeds provides evidence of why education needs to be transformed. Of course, this is nothing new. What is new, is the call to action they are setting out. From coast to coast, they are looking “for visionary education and business leaders to join forces with policymakers to declare a national emergency and attack this problem with the same urgency that drove us to the moon in the 1960s.” Education Reimagined, cited as a leader in creating the space for such conversations within our Learning Lab Community, is answering this call today and looks forward to more flags being planted in this new age of education exploration.

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