Leadership Competencies for Learner-Centered, Personalized Education

Jobs for the Future and the Council of Chief State School Officers, in collaboration with 150 education leaders, have just published Leadership Competencies for Learner-Centered, Personalized Education.

In this publication, authors Rebecca E. Wolfe and Sarah Hatton take a deep dive into the leadership competencies that must be developed to foster and advance a learner-centered environment. “The Leadership Competencies are primarily written for early adopter leaders in K-16 learning communities who are responsible for the learning outcomes of a group of students and the support and guidance of a group of educators.” This publication presents a guiding framework for learner-centered leaders to build their leadership around the themes of Equity, Risk-Taking and Innovation, Continuous Improvement, Change Management, Learner-Centered Approaches, and Coherence and Alignment. There is a treasure trove of great insights, so don’t delay!

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