Fast Track Project

In 1991, the Fast Track Project began. It is a longitudinal study to determine the common characteristics that inhibit the natural development of social-emotional growth in adolescents and has resulted in uninterrupted data collection on over 700 kids in four cities across the US since its launch.

Included in the study was an intervention program created to course correct and accelerate this development throughout a child’s time in school. The interventions included parent training groups, home visits, child social skills training, tutoring, child friendship enhancement, and individualized plans for older learners. Since the study began, there have been numerous publications produced by the project’s researchers. The project has also resulted in the creation of three programs for educators to consider employing in their learning environment. If you’re interested in exploring a set of research-backed tools to aid the development of social-emotional skills and dispositions in your learners, check out the links below.

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