Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching “advocates for the use of improvement science to accelerate how a field learns to improve.”

Essentially, everything they do is about guiding passionate education professionals to form networking communities driven to solve a specific issue. For example, they helped organize a “Networked Improvement Community” that was passionate about resolving the inefficiencies in the current system’s model for developmental mathematics.

By forming this community, they were able to identify ways to provide a healthier environment for all post-secondary learners to successfully complete the required mathematics credits demanded by most four-year universities. While supporting NICs on the ground, the foundation is also dedicated to producing high-quality, freely accessible research publications that provide insight into a wide variety of education topics. Dive into the wealth of resources the foundation has to offer, and discover parallels to the work happening in your learning environment.

Last updated on 07/21/2016

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