Education Evolving

Minnesota-based nonprofit, Education Evolving (E|E), brings to the table decades of experience in making change in public education.

Their mission, simply put, is “to turn public education into a self-improving system.” What does this mean to them? It means that the system becomes one in which “better approaches to learning are tried, refined, replicated, and adopted by others,” allowing innovation to gradually spread and improve the entire system. They are tackling this work with three major commitments: 1) Learning must be student-centered; 2) Teachers must lead the learning; and 3) Policy must enable and encourage this transition. In practice, they monitor policy trends; convene individuals around policy innovation; and lead initiatives on a number of levels. Though their work generally takes initial root in Minnesota (where the state can serve as a testing ground), E|E has their eyes on the national scene. In particular, over the past few years, they’ve been working deeply in the realm of teacher empowerment, with initiatives like Teacher-Powered Schools. Moreover, E|E hosts an active blog that offers reflections and original thinking about the policy arena and its relationship to learner-centered education and houses a robust library of publications and resources.

Last updated on 07/07/2016

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