National Institute for Student-Centered Education

Driven by the belief that reforming parts of the system will not be enough to create a new ideal, the National Institute for Student-Centered Education (NISCE) “aims to catalyze support for a vision of education where students—not politics, not tests, not expediency—are at the center of learning, and where all students have the opportunities and resources they need to succeed.”

As a program of Schools for Children, NISCE is actively working to change the national conversation around education; they are committed to shifting the focus away from the divisive debates that plague the current system. Instead, NISCE wants to shine a light on the incredible educators who treat learners as the unique individuals they are—and who are changing their practice to reflect that. To do this, NISCE has authored a number of white papers that seek to articulate the elements that make up “student-centered” approaches to learning. They also host an annual INSPIRE Conference, which brings together experts and practitioners to educate, challenge, and inspire those working in student-centered education. Check out these resources, opportunities, and more!

Last updated on 06/23/2016

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