Center for the Future of Museums

The Center for the Future of Museums is helping museums shape a better tomorrow by exploring the cultural, political and economic challenges of the present and future—mapping museums’ roles in our rapidly changing world.

An initiative of the American Alliance of Museums, the Center monitors cultural, technological, political, and economic trends of importance; equips museums with the tools and resources to help their communities address the challenges of the coming decades; and builds connections between museums and other sectors. Its flagship publication is the yearly “Trendswatch” series, which identifies societal trends impacting museums and the communities they serve—including micro-credentialing and personalization—and imagines how museums can take the lead in creating this new future. Another impactful publication released by the Center is “Building the Future of Education” (2013), the result of a convening of education and museums leaders working to build a future where a community’s learning assets are integrated into a open-walled “vibrant learning grid.” Check out what this “learning grid” could mean for your learning community!

Last updated on 06/09/2016

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