Digital Youth Network

The creation of the Digital Youth Network (DYN) was inspired by a question:
How do we produce reliably excellent learning opportunities for children growing up
in urban America?

DYN saw that a crucial piece to this puzzle lay in two “simple” facts: 1) learning is happening all the time—both in and out of school—and 2) digital media is an invaluable access point for learners to not only develop a whole host of knowledge, skills, and dispositions but also to express their own creativity and passion. Now ten years in, DYN is “a project that supports organizations, educators, and researchers in learning best practices to help develop our youths’ technical, creative, and analytical skills.” They’ve created programs, platforms, and networks that open up possibilities for urban youth to understand how to use digital media in all aspects of their lives. Although much of DYN’s work is focused on their hometown of Chicago (like Chicago City of Learning), many of their tools offer opportunities for anyone, anywhere. iRemix Social Learning Network, for example, is a “cloud-based social learning platform available to schools and organizations seeking to safely connect youth with extended learning and mentorship opportunities.” And, Spokes is a tool “primed for educators to create new connected ways for youth to create reviews, reflections, or remixes to books, music, and movies.” Tap into what DYN has to offer!

Last updated on 06/09/2016

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