Character Lab

The strength of our character, although inconveniently difficult to measure, predicts just as much about the possibilities of our futures as our I.Q.s and socioeconomic status—if not more.

Due to the measurement difficulty, however, focusing on character development within our traditional schools is often left unaddressed. The founders of Character Lab identified this gap between what we know and what we practice and have made it their mission to fill it. As educators and researchers, they have access to both sides of the research-to-practice puzzle and have designed Playbooks for educators to deploy and adapt as needed to meet the needs of their local learning communities. Targeted for ages ten and up, these playbooks allow young learners to engage in developing character strengths like grit, self-control, curiosity, growth mindset, gratitude, purpose, and zest. Explore what Character Lab has to offer and see how character building can be a foundational piece in your community’s learning experience.

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