Equity at the Center: A Tool for Assessing Communication about Teaching and Learning

Communication strategies within our learning communities and the messages we share to the broader public can cause inequitable results without us ever knowing it.

If our messaging is only constructed from our personal lenses or the lenses of our small teams, we can fall short on providing accessible language for all who come across our work. The Students at the Center Hub recognized this reality within their own organization and, with an outside consultant, developed a tool called Equity at the Center. This tool was built as a check on their ongoing communications to ensure their work better aligns with their mission “to ensure that education is a lever for both equity and social justice.” They adapted their learnings to accommodate any learning environment or organization that is in pursuit of realizing a similarly equitable future. Discover where your Text and Image Messaging stand using their rubric, then explore what actions you can take to enhance your messaging practices. 

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