Essential Skills and Dispositions Framework

Paramount to un-muddying the waters of learner-centered transformation is developing a language that can be used across models without the fear of misinterpretation.

The National Center for Innovation in Education and the Educational Policy Improvement Center (now known as Inflexion) recognized this need in 2015 and co-developed their Essential Skills & Dispositions Framework: Developmental Frameworks for Collaboration, Communications, Creativity, and Self-Direction. This tool is for learner-centered educators looking to assess “the elements of postsecondary readiness already integrated into student learning opportunities and where there is a need to enhance educational practices and environments.” This framework acknowledges two key points when it comes to providing an holistic, learner-centered experience. One, the skills and dispositions developed during the learning journey are just as important as the knowledge obtained. Two, learning is a journey with no final destination. As you explore the framework’s perspective on developing an environment focused on collaboration, communication, creativity, and self-direction, take note of how measuring these qualities goes from Beginner to Emerging Expert—always leaving room for growth.

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