Edcamp Foundation

Collaboration is one of the central pieces in transforming education, particularly when it takes place from the ground up.

Starting at the local level and expanding outward is the entire premise of the Edcamp Foundation. With their modest beginnings in 2010, their current vision of “creating an international network of educators dedicated to participant-driven professional learning for themselves and others that accelerates student growth” was little more than a pipe dream. Less than six years later, Edcamps have taken the world by storm with over 700 conferences held in over 25 different countries. As described by the foundation, “each Edcamp is independently organized and hosted and is free to participants.” By allowing communities to create accessible opportunities for all education leaders—including online participation via Facebook—Edcamp lowers the barrier for innovators to share their ideas and strategies across a wide spectrum of practitioners. Discover if an Edcamp is right for you and whether you might even organize one yourself!

Last updated on 10/06/2016

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